I am a dancer, Pole Dance Aerial Hoop and Stretching Instructor. I love movement and challenges. I have always been involved in alternative and niche physical activities. I spent half of my life dancing, which gave me a high body awareness. My next step was Pole Dance, which, combining dance with sporty strength- it turned out to be love from the first spin. The various forms of physical activity that I dealt with allowed me to develop in different directions, and the years of conducting classes, both group and individual, taught effective work with students helped me to develop my own methodology to conduct classes. Why Bungee Gym? Because flying above the earth is fascinating. But bungee gives a lot more opportunities for a variety of training: strengthening, slimming, stabilization, cardio, tabata, dance. It engages deep muscles and does not burden joints. And what's more, it is a great fun!



I am a pedagogue of physical and health culture, personal trainer, bodybuilding and fitness instructor. Also I am active athlete and representative of Poland in athletics, multiple medalist of the Polish Championships in triple jump and high jump and several times representative of Poland on the international arena. I have been involved in professional sports for 15 years, so physical activity has been and will be an indispensable part of my life. Recently my heart get stolen bungee training, which is widely used in fitness training and workout. This is a type of activity that burns a lot of calories engages and strengthens all muscle groups and - most importantly - we produces a huge dose of endorphin for the whole day. My motto is "if you can WANT - you can ACHIVE it" - this sport taught me and now i teach this in class 🙂